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You're Hired Intro

絕代商驕 You're Hired

High-flier MAK TAI SONG (Wong Tze Wah, DAYO) has dissociated himself from the business world by showing deep regret to the suicide of his mentor. Later, he learns that his mentor's wife SHE MO LIN (Lee Yee Hung, THERESA) is in great debt and he starts selling "business tactics" to the trader TONG KAT (Hui Siu Hung, BENZ) for LIN's debt recovery. Deadbeat SONG refuses to take a full time job and that makes his income change from day to day. A tough collection agent, LAM MIU MIU (Sheh Sze Man, CHARMAINE), tries every means to push him into a corner. They keep playing tricks on each other and finally become a pair of rival lovers. By chance, SONG meets his uterine brother ON CHO LIN (Tse Tin Wah, MICHAEL). He thereby recalls the tragic memories of the past when his mother deserted him and his father. This triggers the hatred hidden deep inside his heart and leads him to seek revenge against ON's family. SONG's abrupt change has left MIU feeling confused.

商界黑武士麥提爽(黃子華) 連累恩師輕生,黯然退出商界,但聞悉恩師的妻子佘慕蓮(李綺紅) 因而負債累累,惟以賣"橋"給商人唐吉(許紹雄) 賺取報酬代慕 蓮還債,但他愛耍個性拒做上班族,導致收入不穩,日夜遭收數妹林淼淼(佘詩曼) 死纏爛打,兩人爾虞我詐,你追我跑,遂成一對歡喜冤家。


Summaries credit: AOD