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My Favorites - Top 10

My Favourites: Top 10 Artist

Favorite Artist: Esther Kwan Wing-Ho 關詠荷

Favorite Series Starring Esther: Armed Reaction

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Bobby AuYeung Chun-Wah @ Armed Reaction

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Esther and rest @ Armed Reaction

Second: Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei 周海媚

Favorite Series Starring Kathy: Time Before Time

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Leon Lai Ming @ The Breaking Point

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Kathy and rest @ Secret of the Heart

Third: Flora Chan Wai-Shan 陳慧珊

Favorite Series Starring Flora: Untraceable Evidence

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Bowie Lam Bo-Yee @ Untraceable Evidence

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Flora and rest @ Healing Hands

Fourth: Jessica Hester Hsuan Suen 宣 萱

Favorite Series Starring Jessica: Detective Investigation Files IV

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Louis Koo Tin-Lok @ DIF IV

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Jessica and rest @ Golden Faith

Fifth: Ada Choi Siu-Fan 蔡少芬

Favorite Series Starring Ada: Healing Hands

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah @ Healing Hands

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Ada and rest @ Healing Hands

Sixth: Melissa Ng Mei-Hang 吳美珩

Favorite Series Starring Melissa: La Femme Desperado

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Kwong Wah @ Crimson Sabre

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Melissa and rest @ The Conqueror's Story

Seventh: Patrick Tam Yiu-Man 譚耀文

Favorite Series Starring Patrick: The Duke of Mount Deer 2000

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Astrid Chan @ The File of Justice V

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Patrick and rest @ The File of Justice IV

Eighth: Julian Cheung Chi-Lam 張智霖

Favorite Series Starring Julian: Return of the Cuckoo

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Charmaine Sheh @ Return of the Cuckoo

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Julian and rest @ Cold Blood Warm Heart

Ninth: Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying 袁潔瑩

Favorite Series Starring Fennie: I Can't Accept Corruption

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Benny Chan @ Dragon Love

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Fennie and rest @ I Can't Accept Corruption

Tenth: Eddie Cheung Siu-Fai 張兆輝

Favorite Series Starring Eddie: Plain Love

Favorite On-Screen Partner: Kathy Chow @ Asian Heroes [Non-TVB]

Favorite On-Screen Ensemble: Eddie and rest @ Asian Heroes

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