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E.U. Intro

學警狙擊 E.U.

KONG SAI HAU (Miu Kiu Wai, Michael) is released from jail in Taiwan. He returns to Hong Kong immediately and tries to find his daughter KONG YAU YAU (Kong Yeuk Lam, Elanne) so as to heal their relationship. By pretending to be friendly with the one who made him in jail, the gang leader TO YIK TIN (Lam Lei), Hau is eager to get even with him, and also intends to draw two young policemen to his side in order to strengthen his influence. LEE PAK KIU (Chan Kin Fung, Sammul) from the Emergency Unit is reluctant to get close with a gangster while CHUNG LAP MAN (Ng Cheuk Hei, Ron) from Special Duty Squad believes that Hau could help them fight against Tin by acting as an informer. MAN develops a close relationship with him gradually but he has been dismissed before accomplishing the task. Afterwards, Hau takes Man under his wing and Man devotes himself to the triad society.

Tin always put Hau on his guard and he asks his trusted follower LEUNG SIU TONG (Tse Tin Wah, Michael) to keep a close eye on Hau. On the other hand, Hau fights back by making use of TIN's wife CHING YEUK SAM (Chow Hoi Mei, Kathy) to strengthen his power in the gang. Hau eventually becomes the gang leader and he believes that everything is under control. However, the drug trafficking business keeps running into trouble abnormally. Hau begins to question the loyalties among his confidants.

江世孝(苗僑偉)從台灣服刑回港,除了想盡快找回愛女江悠悠(江若琳)修復父女情,便一心部署其復仇大計。他一方面假意向當年害他入獄的黑幫龍頭大哥杜亦天(林利)投誠,另方面則誘導特別職務隊警員鍾立文(吳卓羲)及沖鋒隊警員李柏翹(陳鍵鋒)成為自己人,李柏翹態度強硬,堅拒與賊為友,但鍾立文卻深信可 藉此改變江世孝轉陣成警方線人,將杜亦天及其社團一併剷除,於是逐步與江世孝建立了一段兵賊錯位的師徒關係,可惜任務還未完成他已被警隊革職,搖身變成江 世孝的手下,從效忠警隊轉向效忠社團......
杜亦天對江世孝常存戒心,故意安插親信梁笑棠(謝天華)以挾制其勢力坐大,江世孝早有所料,伺機利用杜亦天的妻子程若芯(周海媚)在社團的影 響力,助其登上龍頭之位,當他以為自己已能掌控一切之時,販毒生意連遭滑鐵盧,江世孝始發現最信賴的身邊人比他更懂背叛、欺騙、出賣......

Credit: AOD