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A Moment Like This 2: Healing Hands

Healing Hands - Paul and Jackie's Sweet Memorial

Moment: The Last Sunrise - Hope

Another memorable pair that had great chemistry in the original, but had to be "separated" due to "schedule conflicts" in the sequel. I understand that artists all have busy schedules, but honestly speaking, the audience love the series because the cast is able to bring their characters "to life". We love them because of their chemistry. Why bother starting a sequel when the characters we love end up dying or "going off" to elsewhere?

In Healing Hands, we have Paul and Jackie. From misunderstandings to friendship, which then evolved into love, the two shared similar experiences and were beside each other in moments of hardship. Having to perform the surgery that might possibly end your love one's life is probably the hardest task to accomplish. Paul accompanies Jackie to see the one last sunrise before her operation. Jackie places her trust in the man she loves, in hopes that she can recover so that they can create a better future together.

- Memorable Dialogue -

Jackie: Do you know what determines fate?

Paul: Someone once said, personality can determine fate.

Jackie: I don't think there is anything wrong with my personality. Is it because I don't cherish life? No, I do cherish life. Why me?

Paul: Another once said, God determines one's fate.

Jackie: I didn't do anything to harm others. So why me?

Paul: Someone also said one can determine his or her own fate.

Jackie: Do I still have the power to do anything at this point? What can I still do?

Paul: In the end, it might still depend on your willpower.

Jackie: I've been depending on myself all these years, it's quite nice to have someone crazy to rely on. It's not a bad thing at all.

Paul smiles.


Paul: Bringing you back here, I want to tell you, no matter how beautiful things may be, without anyone to share it with, it's pointless.

Jackie: Isn't it because you're afraid I won't be able to see the sun rise anymore?

Paul: You said you won't give me pressure.

Jackie: I'm just afraid I won't have the chance to come here with you again in the future.

Paul: We don't come here often anyways. We'll have lots of other things to see in the future. Like the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse, and...

Jackie: And the rainbow! I think one should at least see the rainbow once in a lifetime.

Paul: I've already seen it many times.

Jackie: I haven't.

Paul: Are you serious?

Jackie: What? It's nothing weird, just like sunrise and sunset, it is something we can wait for. We don't know where we can see the rainbow, and we don't know when we can see it. Who knows? You're lucky to have seen it. I haven't seen it, there's nothing wrong with that.

Paul: Okay, I'll find a way to bring the rainbow to you.

Jackie: You promise?

Paul: No problem. We still have decades to spend with each other, there is lots of time. You can see whatever you like.

Jackie: There are things that are repeated daily, but they are in fact different each day. I must remember the things I see.

Paul: Tomorrow maybe better than today, and the day after may be even more fulfilling. Things that happen in the future would be more meaningful.

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