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Till We Meet Again...

In the past years I've always hoped to seek a balance between university life and the world of TVB blogging. I believe I've kept the two sides pretty well balanced; I'm really glad I was able to provide the latest TVB buzz and share my thoughts on TVB with fellow TVB lovers this last past year and a half. However, as I look ahead into the future, with less than one week holiday left before another year of university awaits me, I think it's time for me to gear up and set my full attention towards this upcoming year. Like MetalAZNWarrior, I also need some time away from blogging and the TVB world. As always, school is my first priority. This school year is especially important to me. After deep consideration, Anime Master 179002 has decided to go on hiatus. If time permits, I'll log on and visit my blog and visit all my beloved affiliate friends. However, I can no longer continue on with frequent updates. Please rest assure, I WILL BE BACK. If all goes as planned, I will be back at the end of April. Hope everyone understands and continue to support TVB Index and my blog network.

As a little something before my "departure", I spent one week gathering information and arranging them for easy access; Introducing a new section called "Series Extravaganza", you'll have easy access to information of past and present highly rated TVB series staring from year 1990+. Sorted by year, the "Series Extravaganza" includes full episode summaries, series screen captures, exclusive wallpapers, plot overview, character analysis, and much more. Though not one hundred percent complete with all TVB series listed, I do hope that it can be something you can refer to when looking up TVB series. Please do keep in mind that the section is not completed as many new TVB series are released each year; do check back later for updates upon my return.

Thank you all for your support and love for TVB Index, Esther Kwan's Realm, and Yoyo Mung's Ambiance in the past and present. Thank you for your understanding. So long for now, till we meet again...

- Anime Master 179002