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Man In Charge Intro

幕後大老爺 Man In Charge

Master TAI YAU KUNG (Lau Ka Fai, Gordon) is skilled in training official advisor for government. He helps his foster son CHOW PING (Ma Kwok Ming, Kenneth) obtain a job in officialdom. PING is a resourceful young man but he holds fast to his own beliefs. He finds all the rules and practices of the officials intolerable so he stays idle all the time. Sometimes he goes tavern to have fun and he falls into the adorable owner CHONG SIU HAN (Tong Ning, Leila). His wife CHIU YUK HING (Tsui Tsz Shan, Kate) becomes green-eyed monster and never stays in settlement with him.

KUNG recommends PING to work as an advisor to the new government official SHUM KWAN POK (Ko Kwan Yin, Matthew). PING and POK become good friends as time goes by. However, PING accidentally discovers that his respectful master KUNG is actually the father of POK. In order to protect himself, POK starts making use of HING to eliminate PING. PING is shocked to realize that his wife is in fact a spy dispatched by Imperial .

深受幕學大師兼養父戴有恭(劉家輝)的提攜,足智多謀的周炳(馬國明)因利成便加入官場的幕僚行列,不過他擇善固執,不屑幕僚間的種種陋習,終日投閒置 散,更不時上酒館打發時間風花雪月,迷上善解人意的酒館老闆莊小嫻(唐寧),惹起醋罈子正妻趙玉卿(徐子珊)日夜發飊,對他窮追猛打。


Credit: AOD